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“ASMCI is an organization that cares and exercises the utmost integrity when handling all matters concerning international recruitment and associate processing. They offer excellent support and updates regarding matters of immigration and they are most patient and kind while explaining all the necessary paperwork requirements. The most awesome attribute I’ve experienced is that their overall expertise is so beneficial to ensure that the organization match legal requirements and timelines with international Associate notifications. They actually interact with the varying agencies to remain abreast of the current laws, rules and regulations to protect organizations while focusing on our recruitment needs. They have excellent customer service and they deliver. “
Karen D. Williams
Human Resources Director
CHRISTUS St. Michael Rehabilitation Hospital

I have worked with Zen and ASMCI since year 2000, and they have always been caring for their clients. Not only are they familiar and knowledgeable with the laws and regulations, they also have compassion and trustworthiness. A very important trait for a company and two things which cannot be paid for.
Mike Ruivivar - Senior Paralegal, New York

Working with Zen Fernandez from ASMCI has been a pleasure. They have provided timely information and facilitated all aspects of the recruitment process.
Linda A. Urbanksy Ph.D. Ingraham Manor, Bristol, Connecticut

ASCMI has provided us with expert immigration support while providing us with excellent Philippine Nurses and Therapists. Our recruits have been very loyal and dedicated to our ministry.
Pam Kennedy, Regional VP of Human Resources
Christus Health

The professionalism, trustworthiness, and total support of ASMCI made everything possible for my whole family to immigrate to the United States. Ms. Zen’s leadership, knowledge, and unending support made us complete all requirements to make this possible.
Cora C. Nurse, Philippines

To all the officers and members of ASMCI I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you. I was able to complete all the necessary documents that is needed for me to be in this present position. I could not have done it without you guys.
Kenneth Physical Therapist, Philippines

ASMCI fulfilled my dreams of bringing my whole family to the United States as immigrants. My family is forever grateful to Ms. Zen the President of ASMCI who was instrumental in making all of these possible.
Cherry Ann L. – Nurse, Philippines

I am very thankful I met your company, ASMCI. More power to your company and may God bless you always!
Jocelyn Love N. Physical Therapist, Philippines

I appreciate everything ASMI did for my H1B application as a Medical Technologist from the Philippines. After arrival and getting married they even processed my papers to adjust my status to an immigrant.
Marjorie D Medical Technologist, Philippines

I am thankful to ASMCI most especially Ms. Zen for giving me the guidance and all the assistance to be able to enter the United States again when I thought my H-1b out of status can had no more hope and solution.

Thank you to ASMCI for their help and support for my status to be adjusted from a student visa to an immigrant visa.

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